Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sickness, sisters and spring!

Sydney was home sick this past week, I know... she doesn't look it, but this is what finding out Mom and Dad have just booked a trip to the big mouse will do to you!

Even when you are sick.  She wasn't that sick, but I did not think the mothers of the other kids in her pre-school class would appreciate it if she spread the wealth with their little ones!  And some one on one time with Mommy and of course Daddy was just what the doctor ordered.

And what could put a smile like this on a little one's face????

Why some one on one time with your favorite big sis of course!

And when that favorite big sis is giving you a foot massage.....

It's all the better!!

Love those little piggies!!

UUUHHHH... are you sure you are supposed to nibble on those piggies??

MMMMM.... smell this!

OK, maybe not quite that closely!

We are having BEAUTIFUL weather here lately!  Hope it continues.  The Bradford Pear Trees, Peach Trees, Tulip Trees are all blooming and it is just gorgeous!  Hoping to get these energetic girls outside a lot more now. 

Hope you are all having a GREAT SPRING!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I am so blown away by this......

and this....

WHEN did this happen??  HOW did this happen??  See this is how we, her Daddy and I, see her still....



Wednesday, March 3, 2010


are these moments so few and far between???

I kid you not, Sierra will have been with us 2 months tomorrow, and this is the first time these two have played together with NO fussing for more than 5 minutes!  It lasted a very merciful, peaceful 30 minutes. 

And then it was OVER!!  Please pray with us that it is not another 2 months until this happens again.


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