Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a blessed and very Merry Christmas!

syd n sam christmas card 4 blog

This has been a year of struggles and triumphs, tears and smiles.
Through it all we have been extremely blessed with the love and support of family and friends.
Thank you from all of us and to all of you we wish you the blessing of family and friends.

Most importantly we pray that all of you know the blessing
of our savior.

Happy Birthday Jesus!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Belated Thanksgiving Blessing!

Sydney was sick with Strep the week of Thanksgiving and did not go to school so this came home with her this week…….


 If you can’t read it, it says….

Dear Mommy,
Thank you for letting me take care of myself.  Thank you for being my Mommy.  Thank you for my Daddy.
Love, Sydney

The MANY blessings of being a Mommy!  So thankful for my children!

(We need to do a little work on her penmanship!)


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing all of you and your loved ones a very blessed Thanksgiving!

This morning Sydney had her usual Thanksgiving snack of turkey neck.

 I know, Yuck!  And yes she has her PJ top on backwards, who knows why, it was not that way when she went to bed!

syd thanksgiving 2011 turkey neck

She even shared with the puppies who were more than happy to help her eat it.

syd thanksgiving 20111 with puppies

Bailee licking her lips and looking for more!

bailee thanksgiving 2011

Sydney and her “baby”.

syd and bailee thanksgiving 2011

My many Blessings!

My husband, Tim

tim thanksgiving 2011

My beautiful daughters-


samie thanksgiving 2011


syd thanksgiving 2011

My Mom

mom thanksgiving 2011

There are many family and friends not with us that we give thanks for and wish them a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

We often leave it unsaid, so I want all of you to know, I love you and am so thankful for all the blessings in my life.

This holiday season is bittersweet for us as we are nearing the one year anniversary of losing my Dad.  I do rejoice in knowing that he is with our Father in Heaven and with my Grandma Elina!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

In My Daughter’s Eyes

syd eyes 2

syd eyes 6

syd eyes

syd eyes 4

syd eyes 5

syd eyes 3
Couldn’t get this last one any clearer, but still love it!

Love those beautiful almond eyes that are so expressive.  She is growing up so fast.

Our Sunshine!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday

 A girl and her dog…..

syd and cosmo

Sydney loves her puppies!  The love wasn't always mutual though.  When Syd was little Cosmo would stay away from the active little bundle that she was.  She has grown on him though and she is sooo happy that he will now let her love on him. 

To see more of "Favorite Photo Friday" or to join in please go here

the long road

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Curses Diabetes!

I am in a bit of a bind….  or actually a cast.  I have a nice little  Carolina blue cast on my left leg from just below the knee down.
Over 35 yrs of living with Diabetes is taking a toll on my body.  I was diagnosed with Charcot’s Joint in my left ankle. 

One of the wonderful things about Diabetes is that even if you have great control of your blood sugars you can and most likely will get complications.  That is me, I seem to be one of those that even with fairly good control I seem to get every rare complication there is. 

Charcot’s Joint is also called neuropathic arthropathy. The foot becomes deformed as a result of the lack of nerve stimulation, which causes the muscles to lose the ability to support the foot properly and fractures can occur. Walking makes it worse.
Charcot damage is treated by avoiding putting any weight on the foot while it heals. Usually the foot is put into a cast for a period of weeks to limit damage. 6-12 weeks!  Surgery may be needed to restore a more normal shape to the foot.  This is what casting the foot is trying to avoid. 

So now that you know more than you wanted to…..

Needless to say pictures may not be happening much.  I have a hard enough time just maneuvering myself with crutches or a walker, let alone try to snap pics!

I have some pics I haven’t posted yet and I do need to catch up on.  Here are some random ones from the last few weeks.

Our sassy Syd!

megan, kaitlyn, samie cow chip 1 

megan, kaitlyn, samie cow chip 3 
Samie and her “Besties”!

Happy Fall!!


Friday, September 30, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday

My favorite photo this week goes back to when the girls were little. 
I think this is one of my all time favorites of them together.
Sydney had only been home about 5 months and already the bond between them could be seen.
The sweetness in the way they are looking at each other……

samnsyd on glider in snow blog

I pray that they always look at each other with the same love and sweetness.

Have a fantastic weekend!


the long road

Friday, September 23, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday

One of my favorite photos from the week…
(a little blurry but still love it)

samie flying- cheer blog

love the look of pure joy on her face!


the long road

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy 13th Birthday to Our Sweet Baby Girl!

If I think too hard about this I will start crying so I am doing this fast!

How can it be that the cute, sweet little baby that we first held in our arms almost 13 yrs ago in an orphanage in Russia is now an amazing young lady?


I knew this day was coming but I kept trying to deny it was actually happening.  But on this day I can not deny it.  She is 13!

Samie hammock color tints boost 

Samie has been the easiest child to parent.  Now she has her moments, but even they are mild.  She is kind, loving, intelligent, out going, athletic, a leader, a great big sister to Sydney and an awesome role model.

This girl is my heart, my faith, my joy.  She has her Daddy wrapped around all TEN of her fingers and has since that first day when he held her up and she drooled on him….right in his face!  Truth be told I’m kind of wrapped too.  But we won’t tell her that.



We love you and pray that this is an amazing year for you.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Such Sweetness

On the morning of August 17th we welcomed into the world

Shane Michael Creech, Junior

Shane Jr florabella lullaby blog

All 8 lbs 12.8 ozs and 21 1/4 inches of him

Shane Junior is Tim’s son Shane and his wife Sara’s first child.  Shane is serving in Afghanistan and will not be home until February.  Junior was not expected for a few more weeks so he was a very pleasant surprise.  Sara told the Dr she was NOT having a baby today and the Dr told her “Oh yes you ARE!” 

I brought my camera to take pictures of him and was very surprised and honored to be asked to go into the delivery room and take photos immediately after his birth.  He was so alert!  The pictures of him with his eyes open are so stinkin cute.  It was as if he was trying to take it all in.  Then the crying would start again as if to say “Put me back!”

Shane Jr full face florabella blog

Shane Jr looking to right florabella blog

Shane Jr B&W blog

Shane in blanket florabella lullaby blog

Shane n Sara florabella blog

Sara and Junior both had complications and needed to stay in the hospital a few extra days.  We are very thankful that they are home and doing great!  Singing His Praises!

shane jr blog

Samie feeding her new nephew

samie and shane blog

Great Grandma and Shane Junior

mom n jr blog

Proud Grandpa
(can’t you just see the love!)

tim n shane jr blog

Yes he is being called Junior.  Of course his Daddy is Shane, then Sara has a brother Shane.  So Junior it is.  Or Pork Chop if you are his Aunt Heather!

We are blessed with three other grandchildren also.  Tim’s daughter, Susan, has 3 children- Adison, Evan and Juliet-who shares her birthday now with Shane Jr.  They live in California and we unfortunately do not get to see them like we would love to.  Hopefully we will get to see them in the Spring!

Sydney is in love with her newest nephew and constantly asks about him.  I did not get any pics of her holding him because I was hovering and making sure he stayed in her arms!  Have to get some of her next time.

Welcome to the world Shane Michael Creech, Jr.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Dancing in the Hurricane

syd in water hurricane blog

samie dancing in rain hurricane blog

This is what my crazy girls do during a hurricane! 
This was during the calm eye of the storm so we told them “sure, go play in the rain”.

We were very fortunate that we only had a few tree limbs knocked down during the storm.  We did lose power but only for about 6 hrs.  Many in our town were not so fortunate, they are still out of power.  Our county was one of the hardest hit in our state with many trees causing damage.  We are praising God that no lives were lost.

More pics of our silly girls

Syd playing in the rain

sam doing hand stand in hurricane blog

sam dancing in rain hurricane 2 blog

samie in hurricane back bend blog

syd water hurricane blog

syd just feet in water hurricane blog

syd in rain blog

syd playing in water hurricane blog

syd in rain- full face

Praying that all our east coast friends and family are safe.


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