Saturday, October 30, 2010



Samie’s middle school cheerleading squad competed today in the county wide competition.  They placed second in their division!  We think they were first, and that is NOT Mama’s bias talking either!

They rocked!





Congratulations Ladies!



Happy Halloween

Last night was Trick or Treat night in our town.  First we had to carve our pumpkin…


Syd thought this was so funny!



Our Pumpkin!!


This year we had Cleopatra, a witch and Alice in Wonderland!


What could have caused this???……


The vampire sister!!


Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!

PS- Dad is now home from the hospital.  He had an IVC filter placed and he was started on radiation therapy.  They are still considering surgery on his chest and must wait to start chemotherapy until after he has surgery if they are going to do it.  He is resting comfortably at home right now.  Thank you for all your prayers and ask that you continue to keep him in them.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Long overdue updates…..  I just wish there was good news to tell.  This may be long so if you are here for the pictures scroll on down to the end.  I am going to go heavy on the pics as Dad is not able to get to the girls many activities and I know he wants to see them. 

So, for updates….

1.  Dad has been diagnosed with metastatic melanoma.  But we are at a standstill as far as treatment.  We should hear something tomorrow after the surgeon, radiation oncologist and medical oncologist all meet today.  He has a large mass in his chest that must be debulked (surgically reduced) before they can do radiation.  It is pressing on his esophagus and too close to other organs for them to get at it with radiation without damaging those organs.  Also, if he is to have chemotherapy, they must do surgery before he can get the chemo.  But they need to decide if surgery is even an option due to where the mass is.

We know that whatever his path is the Lord already knows it.  We ask that you would remember Dad (Papa) in your prayers and ask for healing and peace.

** Update**  Urgent prayer request PLEASE!  Dad has been admitted to the hospital for a blood clot in his leg.  They also did another brain MRI and have found more tumors on his brain and they are bleeding!  We know they can not treat the blood clot with this bleeding going on.  We will find out in the morning what his plan of treatment will be.  PLEASE PRAY!

 2.  Tim has been getting injections into his cervical spine for his shoulder pain.  The injections are hard on him.  He has neck stiffness, headaches and his blood sugars go sky high for 3-4 days after.  He just had his 2nd one and he says the numbness in his arm has decreased but the pain is only eased for a few days.  He sees the orthopedist next week and we will make a decision at that time on surgery.

We ask that you would remember Tim and healing for him in your prayers.

3.  I really wish I could say that things were improving with Sierra.  We are STILL trying to find a therapist who will treat her.  I mean how hard is this??  We live in an area that has very prominent hospitals and universities, VERY prominent!  We live in an area that is NOT foreign to adoption.  HOW HARD IS THIS??  Obviously VERY!  I am not kidding when I say we have seen 3 therapists and talked with 2 or 3 others about treating her.  EVERY time we are punted to someone else. 

We ask that you would keep Sierra in your prayers and specifically for finding a therapist for her.

Now onto the PICS!

We hit the county fair earlier this month and the girls had a blast.  At first Sierra did not want to ride but she warmed up to them.




My happy girl at a football game…


Sierra cheering….


Our official Cheerleader!….



I put together some video of her cheering so Papa can see her.. it is only little snippets, every time I got the camera going the cheer was over!

Have I mentioned how PROUD of this girl we are? 

Here she is being inducted into the Beta Club at school.  She was chosen as the Representative to the Candidates.




And this is telling me she was fed up with tired of the pictures!


Please HUG your loved ones!


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