Thursday, November 11, 2010

On this day and everyday…..

To all that have served in the past and all that are serving


(Tim, Dad, Grandpa, Uncle John, Johnnie- who gave the

ultimate sacrifice, Timothy and Shane- who are serving now)




Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tis the Season…

for giving and Steffie at Ni Hao Y'all is always giving of herself.  Well now she wants to give to us out in blogland.  She is doing “30 days of Giveaways”.  And her giveaways are always awesome.  So hop on over and see what she is up to.  Just click the button below or on the side bar.


Thank you Steffie!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Where Has This Year Gone?

OH MY STARS!!  I was visiting some of my favorite places in blog land and it hit me…..  Christmas is approaching and fast!  Thank you Donna and Missy.

 So I have jumped into the season and decorated the blog already and we will soon be doing the same to our home.  Yes, we are those people!  But really, I need something to take my mind off things.  And Tim will be heading to surgery on Dec. 3rd.  They will be doing his shoulder- cleaning it out and moving his biceps muscle.  So we need to get things moving in the decorating department.  Don’t even remind me about the shopping to be done!  I am really struggling on what to get everyone.


Dad is doing fairly well.  He is continuing radiation therapy on his brain and they will start on the mass in his chest also.  Hopefully this will relieve a lot of his chest symptoms.  They have not begun chemotherapy yet, they were waiting to see if he was going to have surgery on the mass in his chest.  Hopefully they will start it soon.

As I said above Tim will have surgery on his shoulder.  The cervical spine injections have relieved his arm numbness but not the shoulder pain.  So to surgery he goes.

Thanks to my cousin, who is a psychologist but not in this area, we have found a therapist who states she can treat Sierra.  We will see her in a few weeks.  Thank you so much Kristi!!!

Thank you again for your prayers and please keep them going!

I found this on Missy's blog and love it!  To help you get into the spirit of the season!


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