Thursday, June 16, 2011

Catching Up

The past month has been so busy!  I am not sure how

people manage to post to their blog daily or even weekly

and still sleep!  So I will try to update as much as I can

now.  The girls have been in dance again this year. 

Samie has been in tap, jazz, lyrical, tumbling and hip hop. 

Sydney was in Kinderdance 2 which combines tap and

ballet.  They had their recital recently and did great. 

Samie has really surprised us with her passion for

dance and she tried out for the competition dance team,

Company, and made it.  So next year looks to be VERY

busy with all the classes she will be required to take for

that.  Sydney feels ok about dance but does not have

that passion for it.  If she never does that is OK with

this Mama!  I tried to take pictures at their practice as

you are not allowed to at the recital.  They did not turn

out the best but here is one of each of the girls.

004 copy

010 copy 2

Sydney had her Kindergarten graduation! 

My baby girl is now a 1st grader.

044 copy

This next pic just goes to prove that

a southern belle she is NOT!

038 copy

Samie had her music awards, she was in the chorus.

065 copy 2

Samie also had her awards ceremony for the end

of the school year.  If you don’t like Mommy bragging

then skip ahead!  Our girl was on the Principal’s list the

entire year.  Straight A’s while taking AIG, academically

and intellectually gifted, courses.  She also had the

highest grade average in Science and also Language

Arts.  She had a story published in a county wide

publication.  She also was a semi-finalist in Letters About

Literature for 7th and 8th graders.  This is a national

reading and writing promotion program.  All of this while

being a Cheerleader, dance, and playing on the soccer

team.  Needless to say we are so proud of this girl!

Sydney also had her Fun Day at school.  This is a day

of outdoor games and getting wet.  She had so much

fun!  Her big sister even put in a special appearance to

take her on at some games!


You would think that with school over things would slow

down…….NOPE not here!  Samie left for Campfirmation at

Camp Agape this past Sun.  We will go to pick her up

tomorrow.  Don’t tell her but we have missed her!

Sydney has been going to Camp Agape day camp at our

church this week.  This is always a great time for the

kids.  Syd has come home every day singing some new

song she has learned.  Samie still has Cheer camp and

Dance camp left this summer, we are going to Myrtle

Beach for Syd’s birthday and in between all this we are

trying to build on to our house for Mom to move in with

us.  Busy…YEP!  Hoping for a few moments of calm next


This next picture is typical Sydney!

011 copy

She had come over to show me something she had

drawn and was holding it at face level, when she put it

down this is what I saw!  I had to try so hard not to

burst out laughing.  I asked her what she had on her

mouth and her reply was that it was chap stick!  I then

calmly asked where she got it and she replied in Mema’s

purse.  As we were about to go out for dinner I told her

I would have to wipe some off and she said, but I look so

pretty!  Yes baby girl you do!


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