Sunday, October 23, 2011

In My Daughter’s Eyes

syd eyes 2

syd eyes 6

syd eyes

syd eyes 4

syd eyes 5

syd eyes 3
Couldn’t get this last one any clearer, but still love it!

Love those beautiful almond eyes that are so expressive.  She is growing up so fast.

Our Sunshine!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday

 A girl and her dog…..

syd and cosmo

Sydney loves her puppies!  The love wasn't always mutual though.  When Syd was little Cosmo would stay away from the active little bundle that she was.  She has grown on him though and she is sooo happy that he will now let her love on him. 

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the long road

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Curses Diabetes!

I am in a bit of a bind….  or actually a cast.  I have a nice little  Carolina blue cast on my left leg from just below the knee down.
Over 35 yrs of living with Diabetes is taking a toll on my body.  I was diagnosed with Charcot’s Joint in my left ankle. 

One of the wonderful things about Diabetes is that even if you have great control of your blood sugars you can and most likely will get complications.  That is me, I seem to be one of those that even with fairly good control I seem to get every rare complication there is. 

Charcot’s Joint is also called neuropathic arthropathy. The foot becomes deformed as a result of the lack of nerve stimulation, which causes the muscles to lose the ability to support the foot properly and fractures can occur. Walking makes it worse.
Charcot damage is treated by avoiding putting any weight on the foot while it heals. Usually the foot is put into a cast for a period of weeks to limit damage. 6-12 weeks!  Surgery may be needed to restore a more normal shape to the foot.  This is what casting the foot is trying to avoid. 

So now that you know more than you wanted to…..

Needless to say pictures may not be happening much.  I have a hard enough time just maneuvering myself with crutches or a walker, let alone try to snap pics!

I have some pics I haven’t posted yet and I do need to catch up on.  Here are some random ones from the last few weeks.

Our sassy Syd!

megan, kaitlyn, samie cow chip 1 

megan, kaitlyn, samie cow chip 3 
Samie and her “Besties”!

Happy Fall!!


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