Monday, August 29, 2011

Dancing in the Hurricane

syd in water hurricane blog

samie dancing in rain hurricane blog

This is what my crazy girls do during a hurricane! 
This was during the calm eye of the storm so we told them “sure, go play in the rain”.

We were very fortunate that we only had a few tree limbs knocked down during the storm.  We did lose power but only for about 6 hrs.  Many in our town were not so fortunate, they are still out of power.  Our county was one of the hardest hit in our state with many trees causing damage.  We are praising God that no lives were lost.

More pics of our silly girls

Syd playing in the rain

sam doing hand stand in hurricane blog

sam dancing in rain hurricane 2 blog

samie in hurricane back bend blog

syd water hurricane blog

syd just feet in water hurricane blog

syd in rain blog

syd playing in water hurricane blog

syd in rain- full face

Praying that all our east coast friends and family are safe.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of School 2011

It arrived bright and early…..  really early!

These girls surprised me though.  They got up and were ready 10 minutes before we had to leave!  Now if you have a pre-teen or teenage girl you know what a miracle this was.

Samie was actually excited to go to school this morning.  Up until about 5th grade she loved school.  I mean loved it….. so much so that at the end of the year she would cry because she did not want it to end.  This morning she was all smiles!  Yea!  Let’s see how long this lasts.

Sydney has been excited to return to school for a long time now.  She really misses that social interaction.

I attempted to take pics inside the house with their flowers, they get one for each year of school starting with kindergarten, but the lighting was horrible and Samie would not let me post them.  I did get a good one outside right before we loaded up the car.

sam n syd first day of school 2011

Samie will not let us walk her to class anymore… what is up with that??  So no pics of her in her classroom. 
Sydney still wants Mommy and Daddy to walk her in, I would fight her if she didn’t, so I was able to get some shots of her.
Sydndy and the teacher’s asst
Doesn’t Syd look thrilled?  I promise you she was.

syd at school blog 2

Seeing old friends!

syd hug

Getting her books from her cubby.

syd at school 3 blog

Unpacking her book bag

syd at school blog


Syd at school with books blog

The girls had a GREAT first day!
(Let’s pray this continues)


Monday, August 22, 2011

Sweet Arabella has a home!

This sweet girl has found her forever family


and they are anxiously waiting to bring her home.

While they wait they are fund raising to help with the cost of bringing this beautiful child home, to her forever family.

Don’t her eyes just sparkle?  Can’t you just see the hope and love that is just pouring out of her?
Well this family can see all that and more.  They see their daughter!

If you can help them monetarily than please go to their web site
and they have a chip in.  Whether or not you can chip in, please lift them up in prayer.

God’s Amazing Grace!  LOVE.IT!


Friday, August 12, 2011

I Pledge My Love to You

16 years ago Tim and I pledged our love for each other before God and our families.  16 years 4 months and 12 days ago He brought together 2 strangers through the ministering of an Angel here on Earth. 

Tim and I met on a blind date that was set up by my good friend and neighbor Gigi, our Angel!  Gigi worked for the town I lived in and Tim was a policeman for that town.  She had to talk both of us into going on this date.  I was done with men and Tim was getting over the end of his marriage.  But Gigi kept insisting that we needed to meet.

We went on one more blind date and never looked back.  One month to the day after our first date Tim asked me to marry him.  He likes to tell everyone that he got me at a weak moment, I had a migraine.  But migraine or not my answer was yes!

The last 16 years have brought many joys as well as many struggles.  MANY struggles!  But oh the joys we have had!

Happy Anniversary my love!  

002 copy
 I Pledge My Love To You

More today than yesterday
but less than tomorrow!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


is flying by!

I had such high hopes for getting soooo much done around the house this summer.  Yea…NOT so much!  We also had hoped that construction on our house addition would be done.  Yea…NOT so much.  In fact it hasn’t even started.  Why is it that no one else is in a hurry when you are?  Banks, appraisers, building permits, etc….we are waiting now to see if our plans have been approved and permits given and then construction will begin.  As if starting school and all the other activities that will start up isn’t enough chaos, let’s add in an addition and remodel of the kitchen!
Ah well, we wouldn’t know how to act if there wasn’t chaos all around us.

For what has been going on- Samie had cheer camp, church camp and dance camp.  Sydney had church camp and has spent a lot of time with Mema at her house on the lake.  Which will soon, we hope, not be an option as she is selling it and will be moving in with us.

We were able to get away for awhile and celebrate Sydney’s 6th birthday.  We went to Myrtle Beach and it was so great to get away and just enjoy family.  Of course just walking out the door to the beach was pretty nice too.

Samie and Sydney took turns burying each other in the sand.

syd making sam mermaid blog

sam buried in sand blog

samnsyd sand blog

sydnsam mermaid blog

They had a blast with the boogie boards

sam bogie boarding 2 blog

syd bogie boarding blog

tim n syd in water blog

syd beach blog

Samie got her hair wrapped

sam hair wrap blog

sam hair blog

While Sydney pouted and refused to have hers done

syd pouting blog

syd inner tube blog

Our sunshine on the morning of her birthday

syd birthday blog

syd's cake blog

syd n mom blog

syd present blog

For some reason a photo shoot is not complete in this family without a little pouting

syd pouting bch blog

I did manage to get a few good shots

samnsyd lifegaurd blog

walkin on bch 2 blog

sydnsam myrtle bch blog

samnsyd jumping bch blog

sam jumping blog

And then it started

samnsyd bch 1 blog

sydnsam playing bch

syd pushing sam bch blog

timnsam bch blog

timsamnsyd bch 2 blog

sam bch blog

syd bch1 blog

syd bch blog

I love being the photographer… holding an expensive camera is a great excuse for not getting wet!

Sydney had a great birthday and we had an awesome time at the beach.

sydnsam feet on bch blog


oof which we have many b


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