Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!


Getting these girls going in the mornings is NOT easy!

Until you tell them that the Easter Bunny has made an appearance.

And they come running to see what the little furry guy has left them.

Tricky little guy!

He knows how to hide those eggs!

But these girls are NOT going to let the little guy get the best of them.

OOPS!!  Dropped some!  Must have been an accident, these little angels would never purposely drop their egg so they could scoop the little goodies into their mouths!  NOPE, not them!

And here is another typical photo shoot at our house!


Had to get these up right away for a certain Mema who was sick today and could not spend Easter with her 3 greatest joys!  Hope you are feeling better!

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groovy mama said...

What a wonderful bunch of princesses you are a lucky MAMA! cute


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