Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Last night was Trick or Treat night in our town.  First we had to carve our pumpkin…


Syd thought this was so funny!



Our Pumpkin!!


This year we had Cleopatra, a witch and Alice in Wonderland!


What could have caused this???……


The vampire sister!!


Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!

PS- Dad is now home from the hospital.  He had an IVC filter placed and he was started on radiation therapy.  They are still considering surgery on his chest and must wait to start chemotherapy until after he has surgery if they are going to do it.  He is resting comfortably at home right now.  Thank you for all your prayers and ask that you continue to keep him in them.


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groovy mama said...

Oh My, i can see the whole way in Sierra mouth! That must of been a scare! Cute costumes and Sammie, what a cheerleader you are! I know NOTHING about that, but i would love to watch a competion!


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