Thursday, March 8, 2012


This is what I saw when I walked into the kitchen today after Sydney got home from school….

syd in pantry

caught in pantry

pantry syd

caught in pantry 3

caught in pantry 2

syd starting to get off counter

syd on counter

syd getting off counter 3

syd getting off counter 2

syd getting of counter

You are SO busted little girl!
And SO loved!

You can see part of our kitchen renovation in these pics.  So glad to have that done.



KandK said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAY, you finally came back!!! We missed you! Sydney is so adorable in this pic's, I could never have gotten mad at this face:)

LOVE the new kitchen!

Hope your feeling better my friend.

God Bless,

Holly said...

Hey! Sydney has good taste. I knew I liked that kid! :-)
Welcome back.
The kitchen looks lovely. Very light and open.

Catherine said...

LOL! Love how being spotted doesn't deter your little one in action!

congrats on your big win! Enjoy your new camera/toys!!

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