Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chocolate Really Does Cure All!

OK, we were in Wally World yesterday and Syd got injured.  NO, we are not those people that let their kids twirl around and pull on each other and raise a ruckus in a store…..  OF COURSE NOT! 

But somehow her forehead connected with the concrete floor.  We were getting in the check out lane and Tim picked up a bar of his our favorite chocolate.  He held it up to Syd and said, “Would this make you feel better?”  She grabbed it and said, “YES!”  And this is what the girl did with it…….

001 002 

Just goes to prove that chocolate really is the best medicine!  Funny, all this time I have been taking it orally.  Who knew it was to be applied directly to the boo-boo??



Amy said...

Aww, poor baby girl:(
Never would've thought to use my chocolate bars that way. Mine would never last long enough to apply to my forehead. They go straight into the mouth:x

Bernie and Monica said...

Who knew? I always take it orally, too! I'm just catching up on your blog- cograts to the girls for their graduation! All of your pics are so cute! Syd's hair is so long and beautiful! I'm sure you are getting excited about your upcoming'll have such a great time. Hope you're having a nice memorial day weekend...Love ya, Monica

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