Monday, August 30, 2010

White with polka dots!

I’m telling you this girl makes me laugh EVERY.DAY!!

003 Last night I was looking at her VERY tan little legs and Samie asked her, “Sydney, what color are your legs?”.  Syd said, “Brown!”  She then asked Syd what color her, Samie’s, legs were.  Syd said laughing, “White!”  Then Samie asked her what color Mommy’s legs were…… 

Syd said, “White with POLKA DOTS!!”.  And then added, “Lots of polka dots!”.



Holly said...

Just be glad she didn't say, "Furry!" :P

Reena said...

LOL! A few days ago Josie pointed out to me that I look than she does. I thought, here we go-- it is starting. . . . then she said, "Your legs are a lot longer than mine."

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

What a beauty!!!

Oh my word...that is SO funny!! They say it like it is don't they? lol

Love and blessings,

groovy mama said...

ISn't she so cute, so she can get away with that!!!! I suppose my legs are super polka dots, i believe i have MORE freckles than you;0)

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