Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Sunshine!

6 years ago our "Sunshine" was born in China. 

syd china

syd china 2

She has come from a little spitfire who rarely uttered a
   word, until she was 3 yrs old, to a little spitfire who talks
all.the.time!  She continues to have boundless energy and
wears us out daily!  We are constantly asked.… “Does she
ever stop?”.  NOPE!

We missed so many firsts with Sydney but we have also been
                              witness to many…..


the first hug by your big sister

syd bath

the first time splashing in a bath tub

syd 1st birthday

we missed her 1st birthday, but gave her a first birthday
party complete with cake in the hair

samnsyd halloween

aaahhhh……. the first taste of pumpkin


the first Halloween


the first Thanksgiving and your first corn on the cob

syd baptism

the first introduction to our Savior

1st christmas

the first introduction to Santa

syd christmas

the first Christmas

syd bedhead

our first introduction to a serious case of bedhead (this was
not staged in ANY way)

syd ice cream

the first ice cream cone

easter 2

the first Easter


and the first Easter dress

syd ca

the first run on the beach

So many firsts that we have been privileged to be a part of.
It is so amazing to watch you become the funny, loving,
beautiful, energetic little girl you are today.  You are
our “Sunshine” and we thank the Lord everyday for you!

The other day Sydney said she loved her Daddy “from the window to the wall”.  Right back at  ‘cha Baby Girl, right back at ‘cha!

syd outside

Happy 6th Birthday Sydney!
Love ya Sunshine!


Holly said...

Happy Birthday, Sydney! You get more beautiful each year. :-) You must take after your mama.

KandK said...

She is just sooooo precious!! Great pic's of Sydney over the years, how fast they grow....

Hope you are having a GREAT vacation!


God Bless,

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Happy Birthday Sydney! Loved all the photos of your princess!

Love and blessings,

groovy mama said...

so cute and sammie too!
HB to U!


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