Thursday, July 14, 2011

**Happy Birthday!**

Happy Birthday to the man I love!

He wants to forget his birthday today but unfortunately,

for him, he married me and has 2 daughters who are NOT

about to let him do that.

He is the most loving, kind, considerate, forgiving (unless you

hurt someone he loves) man I have ever known.  The Keeper

of the Stars (our song) surely knew what He was doing when

He brought him into my life.  He has given and given and

then given more to me, my family and our children.

We are so thankful to have him in our lives and to celebrate

another birthday with him and to celebrate him!

tim blog 

tim blog 4

tim blog 5

tim blog 3

tim blog2


tim blog 7

Happy Birthday Tim!

We love you more today than yesterday but less than



KandK said...

Hi Sandy, LOVE the new blog! It took me MONTHS to figure out the slide show header!! For the most part I used Rita's tutorial. However, tinypic is no longer available, I use photobucket for my slide show pics to get the URL's. Also, trying to figure out the size of the header took me a while...not sure why? And I first started trying to use Rita's templates but I found creating the header in Photoshop was much easier. I REALLY had to work hard at it, but once you get it.....piece of cake!! Let me know if I can help you!


KandK said...

Ooooooooooh, you can definately tell the girls LOVE their daddy!!! You and your family are VERY blessed!!!I just know Tim had a wonderful birthday celebrating with all his girls:)


Reena said...


Sandy said...

Diane thanks for the tips! I HOPE that it does not take months to do a header...UGHHH! Will try this weekend. The new blog is actually my old template and it is from Leelou blogs free templates. But I can't add my own header to it. Although I do love all the extras you get with it.

Faith, Hope, and Love said... all the pics!

Happy Birthday to your wonderful hubby! With a dad like could they forget his birthday?

Love and blessings,

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