Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Forever Families

There are more children getting their forever family!!  These families are busy trying to raise funds to bring these children home and if you can help them I know they would be so appreciative.

Robin at Dreaming of Tea With Hope has been sewing her fingers off for a few years now.  They have found their next treasure, their “Baby Love” as they call her, and she is sewing once again to raise funds.  Robin makes some amazing things.  I wish I could order every outfit I have seen.  They are really beautiful and so unique.  Great quality!  And Robin has a heart that never quits for the orphans.  I have included her button on my side bar- Red Thread Stitches.

Another family is in the process of bringing home their son, an older child.  This is their 3rd adoption and 2nd older child.  Lori and her family at Joy Unspeakable are holding a fantastic fundraiser with a giveaway that is incredible!  But if you want to see what it is you will have to go to her blog and see for yourself.  I have put her button on my side bar also.

These are just 2 out of many more that are trying to find ways to get their children home to them.  We know how much every penny is appreciated when all you want is to hold your child.  Please consider helping these and any of the other families to bring their children HOME!


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