Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dis#ey continued….

Sorry, life has gotten in the way of finishing up posting about our visit to the wonderful world of the mouse.  On the fourth day we finally RESTED!!  Yeah we slept in, ok we slept until 7:00.  Tim and I just can’t sleep long on hotel beds no matter how comfortable they are.  So we pushed everyone out of their cozy beds, all except Sierra who will not sleep if someone is up and was already out of bed, and headed to breakfast.  Yum!  I love breakfast, especially if someone else is cooking it!  We then headed to the pool!  AWESOME!  The pool here has a huge slide, smaller one for the little tykes and a water play area- kind of like a mini water park.  The girls loved it.  Again everyone except Sierra who fused and fumed the whole time.  But the rest of us had a blast.


If you listen closely you can hear her screams!  016007 This is all I could catch of Syd and Sam on the big slide.  They were just too quick and I could not see if it was them coming down the slide or not.

021022 This is the small slide, Syd loved it and Samie had to give it a try too.025 And then the Florida skies opened up again and we headed for our room.  And this is what we saw from our balcony.  A mommy ostrich laid an egg….. they later came and removed the egg, we were told that they only have females on this savannah and the eggs are not fertilized.  They do not want the mommy to sit on the egg forever waiting for it to hatch.  I did feel sorry for the mommy……  she kept coming back looking for the egg.033 2 Roan Antelope had a little disagreement about who was king of the savannah….(sorry this one is so blurry, gotta get a telephoto lense! )051And the giraffe paid us a visit…083  That evening we took a chance on getting into the restaurant at the hotel.  It is booked months in advance, but they told us if we came between the early crowd and the later one we could probably get in.  The Sana@ serves African cuisine with an Indian flavor.  Let me tell you, THIS. PLACE. WAS. AWESOME!!  Even our very picky eater loved it!071 074072075

And another day came to a close on the savannah.  One more day left in mouse land.


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