Tuesday, June 8, 2010





Can’t believe we let her do this…… but this girl is the BEST  daughter, sister, human being!  Honestly, she spoiled us for all of her other siblings.  We were lulled into thinking, “Hey, this isn’t so hard!!”  She is smart, funny, talented in many ways and very loving and caring of her sisters and family!

We just attended her 6th grade final awards ceremony.  She has had straight A’s all her years in school, had an essay published in the county wide school publication, had the highest average in Language Arts and got an award for one of the highest grades on the 6th grade Math EOG.

So yes, we let her get pink highlights in her hair.  It is a temporary color and will fade in a few weeks.  No damage to her beautiful hair!  And she is THRILLED with it.



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Reena said...

Hi Sandy-- catching up on your blog from your "needing a vacation" down to hear. I love the beach photos-- so cute! The water down there is a much prettier blue and the sand much softer than we have in New England.

I love the pink highlights! I think it is great that you guys let your girls have a little leeway this way. I don't think it pays to be too strict with kids-- especially when they are already awesome like your girls!


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