Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Wonderful World of Di%ney

We left for the world of the mouse on Monday and were not due at our hotel until Tuesday.  Good thing…… Tim got a 24 hr bug and we must have stopped at least 10 times before we finally stopped for the night about 1 1/2 hrs outside of Orlando.  I was really wondering if we were even going to make it to a park that first day when I heard him hugging the porcelain god that night.  But he was a true trooper and was feeling a little better that morning.

So we made it to our hotel Tuesday morning.  We had decided to stay right on the mouse property when we saw they were offering 40% off on their deluxe villas for the summer.  We are so glad we made that decision!!  I don’t care what anyone says, staying right in the middle of it all with only a short Di%ney bus trip to your hotel…… priceless, especially when you have small children!  Not to mention the perks you get and the hotel was MARVELOUS!!

These were the looks on the girl’s faces as we entered the mouse world.

039041      040

We checked our bags at the hotel and we were off to discover Ep%ot or as Sydney calls it… Epacot!


OH, did I forget to mention that the heat and humidity were OPPRESSIVE!!  YEP, now I remember why I hated living in Florida.  The minute we walked out of the hotel it hit you like a brick wall.  The girls found a way to beat the heat…  all except Sierra who wanted nothing to do with it.004

 Mulan was nice enough to stop by on her way to get out of the heat for a minute.  And the girls were tickled!Samie's pics 002

This was in Norway, my Grandfather came from Norway as a young man and I still have relatives there.Samie's pics 005

We did not spend much time discovering Epacot, with the heat, Tim still not 100% and this…….Samie's pics 014we felt it best to return to our comfy one bedroom villa, with 2 baths, full kitchen, roll out sofa and chair beds, and call it a night.  We aint no dummies!

And this is what we saw out our balcony every day.

042 063

Tomorrow Anim%l King&om.


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and Baby Makes 10 !! said...

Such a wonderful world!! I LOVE Disney World!!!! We haven't been since Fall 2007, on our way home is when we decided to adopt a child...3 years, and nearly 3 children later... still no Disney. I am hoping we get to go next Fall after our son comes home. ;o)

Sorry your hubby was so sick, but what a trooper.
The girls are beautiful!

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