Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy or Sad??

This was our last day at the mouse land and we were both happy and sad.  We really did have a great time, but walking for miles around a theme park that is packed, in 100 degree heat, with 100% humidity can be a little taxing on a body.  Especially if that body was a little on the “mature” side!  Shoot, Sierra and Sydney were riding in a stroller most of the time and they were tired!  So yes, we were happy to be going home, but also sad as we really loved the whole experience.  LOVED staying right on site!

So, today we headed to H#llyw**d Studios.  They really pack a lot into a relatively small space.  The first thing we hit was the T*wer *f Terr*r!  Samie had wanted to ride this so badly that she could taste it.  The only problem is, Tim and I both hate rides like this.  Tim will usually cave to his daughter’s big eyes looking forlornly up at him. :)  Mama….. not so much!  But even Tim was saying NO to this one.  He told her he would walk her up to the front and then wait there for her.  Well, this Mama said, “NO WAY!”  Her little chick was NOT gonna ride that thing alone.  So off Sam and I went.  Holding hands and praying the whole way.  I kid you not!  When the ride started we were praying.  During the actual drop, then rise, then drop and repeat…. I kept yelling, “PLEASE STOP!  PLEASE STOP!”

No matter how I edit this picture, the look of absolute terror does not go away.  MINE that is, Samie’s look is one of absolute delight!

001I am definitely getting too old for this!  She wanted to ride it again.  I politely declined!  And asked her if she had lost her mind!

The girls again met their friend…. and Daddy wanted in on this one too!

003004  To prove that Tim did ride the roller coaster with Samie..

012 HHHMMMMM, I think he got off easy!!

This was Syd as we waited patiently for Daddy and Samie on their 2nd time riding this coaster.


And to prove how hot and tired we were…..008   So, from the land of the mouse….Samie's pics 011where you find these cute surprises on your bed….. 

Samie's pics 001 Samie's pics 012 we were sad to say good-bye, but know we will return again someday!


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