Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Poem

This post is from Samie....


The three kings
They traveled far
In the distance
They saw a star
"What does this mean?"
They wondered aloud
They crept away
Without a sound

They were chosen to see a king
Far greater than they
This king that would soon rule the world
Was now nestled in buches of hay
The angel came and said to them
"Come! Your Savior is born"
The kings were frightened but went along
And soon they were no longer forlorn

Is this the reason of Christmas? Yes. Over the years, our world has developed many bonuses. Like Santa Claus, giving and receiving presents & much more. But my friends, please remember the reason for the season. Jesus was born to save us, just like He has and always will. Go in peace and serve the Lord. AMEN!

Merry Christmas!


groovy mama said...

Thanks, that is nice!

Merry christmas!

J and J said...

beautiful post! Can't wait to follow your journey!

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