Friday, December 4, 2009

Computer Crash!

My computer has crashed and I am on our little netbook.  So hard to type on this little thing, but it will give me practice for when we are in China.  Hopefully the computer Dr. can fix mine right up and I don't have to be thinking about replacing it now.

And speaking of China....... No, we don't have TA (travel approval) yet, but we are getting close!  We got our Article 5 on Nov. 30th.  That is the last U.S. hurdle we have to jump through and now all of our paperwork is in China waiting for them to issue our travel approval.  How long will that take??, you ask...
Hhmm, good question!  Hopefully it will be about 2 weeks from when we got Article 5.  The average has been anywhere from 1- 4 weeks.  Our agency is telling us that if we receive our TA by the 14th, we can travel the 30th.  Of course we would love to leave sooner, but it is out of our hands and we are trying to accept God's timing in all of this!  He is ever faithful and has blessed us so much already. 

We would greatly appreciate any prayers for our upcoming travel and for Sierra to be prepared for the huge changes she is about to experience.  Even though we have adopted twice before, this time will be so different.  Samie was 9 mos and Sydney was 14 mos when we brought them home.  Yes, there were so many changes for them, but they were still so young.  Sierra is 4 1/2 yrs old and I think the changes will be so much harder on her.  So please keep her in your prayers.

Sorry I can't put up any pics.  They are all on my other computer.  Praying that we will be able to get them off of there.  I hope to get some pics on here this weekend.  If nothing else, I will take some and get some practice on downloading them to this computer and post them.  OK Mom?? 


Courtney said...

Praying for fast Travel Approval for you all.

groovy mama said...

Thinking of you as you wait for your TA, we are GLAD to be home

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