Friday, December 18, 2009

Test Post

Updated-  It worked!!  It will not let me put pictures where I want, but I will still be able to post and to post pics.  I will clean it all up when we come home and I have recovered from Jet Lag!!  I guess I will need to increase the font size though!

Trying a test post by e-mail for when we are in China.  China has blogger blocked, so I will have to e-mail my posts in.  Hope this works, here goes....

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groovy mama said...

you know, i will be glad to post for you, i tried to post myself in Chin@ but it was too much and the pics wouldn't work, so i got my friend to do it for me...just PM on RQ and we swap info if you need me to do it!

Happy you are getting your Girl!

Donna-aka BBB on RQ

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