Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The best four letter word there is.....

Yes, we made it home and we could not be happier.  The flights were pretty painless as far as the kids went.  They slept a great deal of the time, thankfully.  We were delayed leaving Chicago by about one hour and at that point we just wanted to get home.  Of course we had to stop at McDonalds for an ice cold Diet Coke and some good ole greasy fries.  YUMMMM!

We finally made it home around 1:30am and fell into bed about 3am.  Boy, those beds never felt better!  Everyone slept well the first night and we were lulled into a false sense of, "Oh, things are going to go great!"  And then reality set in the next night.  In China Sierra would go to bed at nap time and bed time with not a peep and sleep through the night.  The first night home was the same.  Then the next night she woke up crying and would not stop for hours.  The next day at nap time was a nightmare!!  She screamed, fought, kicked and would not stop for a solid hour.  The night held the same thing and she continued to wake at 2am crying.  Right now it is nap time and you guessed it, crying.  Not just crying, this girl is MAD!!!  She will bang her head against the wall, we have to move her to the middle of the bed to stop this.

During the day she can be so happy and carefree, but don't get in her way or tell her no.  Sydney is learning to share and will give Sierra something after she has played with it for a while.  But Sierra is NOT going to do the same.  She will refuse to give something up even when we ask her to.  She will hang on to it for dear life.  She is bull headed, stubborn and will hit and kick.  And she is STRONG!!  We are trying everything we can or know to do.  We just have never encountered a child like this before.  I have also never prayed for guidance, patience and strength so much before either.  It is so hard not to let this affect the girls.  But it does.

Will try to post pics later.  Still digging through piles of mail and paperwork for insurance, taxes, etc.
So how is your life???

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Keith and Kelly said...

Yikes Sandy, bed time sounds rough. Keith had to lay down with Liliana for the first week or two, and that helped, but she wasn't necessarily mad, just sad and grieving. Sierra is all the more aware of the major changes she's been through - the sites, sounds, smells, language.....I hope and pray it gets better - I know you're exhausted!

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