Monday, January 11, 2010

It's Cold Here!!

It was cold and rainy when we woke up and now it is just darn right cold! And the shop keepers are telling us tomorrow is predicted to be colder. I thought we were in the south! But it is never to cold to shop!! And shop we have.

Today we started out at the government arts and craftsman shop. Beautiful porcelain, jade, glass bottles with the paintings on the inside and some beautiful Chinese outfits. We came away with a glass bottle that had a plum blossom scene painted on it. The artist was there painting at the time and she painted our name on the inside of the bottle also. We also got a beautiful leather box with a panda scene on it and outfits for all three girls. I think we may be going back for a beautiful tea set I saw. The quality of these items is much higher than what we find on the island and I could have spent a lot more! We then hit the pearl market and did some more spending. We got Sierra her string of pearls, each girl has one now for when they are older. We also got each girl and myself pearl earrings and picked up a ring for a friend of Tim's to give to his wife.

It was then time to come back for the kids TB tests to be read. There was quite a bit of fussing when we walked into the clinic and the kids thought they were in for more shots. Fortunately everyone was negative. Thank you again for all your prayers. There was a close call, one little girl's was negative by about 1 mm and we were all saying extra prayers that she would be negative. And she was!!

After this we went to lunch with another family and then it was time for all of us to take naps. At least the little girls and I took naps. Samie and Tim went for more shopping on the island.

Tomorrow we need to stay in the hotel room until we hear that everything is OK from the consulate appointment. This means that all the paperwork for the visa has cleared. We are then free until the evening when we will have the infamous red couch photo, group photos and group dinner.

Sorry, no pictures of the girls today, just some funny signs we have seen around. Tomorrow I promise to have more of the girls since that is the only reason you even read this blog!!


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Kathy said...

Congratulations Sandy-I've been away for more than a week so only just get to catch up on all your news! Sierra's hair is identical to my Bethany's;-)

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