Thursday, January 7, 2010

One more sleep...

Little Angels, until they wake up

Sticker Mania

The Yellow River

Can't go ANYWHERE without going to Walmart

Until we are in Guangzhou and that much closer to home!! But first let me finish yesterday's post. My keyboard seems a little more cooperative today.

Yesterday we began to see even more of Sierra's strong willful side. And she was even mad at her beloved Baba. In fact so mad she would have nothing to do with either of us and only wanted our guide! While we were at the Shoalin Temple watching the show, Tim put a hat on Sierra and she DID NOT want it on. Even though we were inside it was freezing and she needed the hat on. Well, Tim put it on her and she proceeded to pout, our guide took her and cuddled with her. We were not too happy about this as we need to be bonding with her and showing her we are her parents. After this Sierra would NOT go to either one of us. We eventually got her to play with us some, but she would go right back to our guide. We thought we were in for real trouble when we got back to the hotel and our guide left. But Sierra went right with us and trotted up to the room as if nothing happened.

We are continuing to see little power struggles, but I think eventually she will learn. At least we do not see any full out fits and crying or screaming!! But she definitely does not like to be told no. She also needs to learn to share and to be gentle. She is used to shoving, pushing and just grabbing what she wants. But Syd is not about to take it lying down! And sometimes I find myself cheering her on. I know, bad Mama!

Well, onto today. It was a very relaxing day and we were very glad for this. We had a late breakfast and then met our guide to see the Yellow River. The Yellow River is the "Mother" river for China, because it provides irrigation for so much farm land. And this river is actually yellow in color. We were told there is so much sand from this river and it gives it the yellow color. China removes about 1 million kilos of sand from the river every year. It is taken to the ocean and also to different provinces to be used in building.

During the Japanese invasion of China, it was in Zhengzhou that the Chinese Govt opened up the dam to flood the local area. Millions lost their lives, many more Chinese than Japanese. The Yellow River floods almost yearly because it is so far above sea level. They have built dams to try to control this.
At the present time the river is very low and in fact boats are unable to navigate the river. This is due to it being winter and the river is frozen in the north. We were told the only fish in the river are carp and they are only about one foot long.

After the Yellow River we came back to our room and have been packing and just relaxing. Again, an oxymoron with 2 four year olds! The girls have been playing with flash lights, bubbles and their stickers. Hope they last for another week!

Tomorrow we are onto Guangzhou and we can't wait for the warm weather to be able to get out and walk some. To burn off some of the girls energy. Not sure if I will post again tomorrow or not. We will be getting settled in at the White Swan.

Good Night from Zhengzhou!


Amy said...

Your girls are so sweet all snuggled together in bed. They look like little angels. Congratulations on your new addition.


and Baby Makes 11! said...

Love the new pics. It is fun to see your girls playing together. They are just beautiful! Hope you had a good sleep...and on to GZ!!! I love it there!

Sheri (from your Faith family)

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