Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A day of firsts

Today was a day of firsts for Sierra.  First day of Preschool, first Dr.s visit and first night of going to bed without screaming!!

Today was the first day back to school for Sydney and first day for Sierra.  The school was out for MLK Day and then had a teacher's workday.  Samie still had one more day off and will return to school tomorrow.  We all dropped the girls off at school this morning and Sierra did great!!  She was a little unsure when we were saying good-bye, but no tears.  We threatened the teachers we were going to turn our cells off but no need.  Their teacher said she did great.  They both were very tired when we picked them up.  They only go from 9- 12, but they do go Mon thru Fri.  Hopefully tomorrow  morning will be just as easy.

Here is the toddler duo this am.....this is why there are no group photo sessions planned any time soon.

The Dr.s visit went well also.  She definitely wants Sierra checked soon by a cardiologist as she still has a murmur and a gallop.  That along with the fact that she sweats like crazy with just minimal exercise has her wondering if more heart procedures are in the future.  We have an appt for the 28th and will wait and see what they have to say.  We were sent on our way with a load of containers to fill to check for various parasites and bacteria.  The poop patrol has begun!  Then we went to the lab to have 4 tubes of blood drawn.  After the shots episode in China we were ready for the worst.  Tim and I were holding her tight, but she only wimpered and tried to move once or twice and that was it.  YEAH!!  Hopefully all will be well with the labs, we should know some results fairly quickly and others may take a week.

After that we came home and the girls went outside to play.  It has been gorgeous here lately.  Tim left to go into work to catch up on some things before he officially returns Friday night.  I was prepared for a battle come bed time.  Sierra did start to cry when I was getting their pjs ready, but after bath they still had play time and she came out of it very quickly.  I think when it finally came time to go to bed she was so exhausted she had no fight left!  She willingly crawled in and was OUT!!  Not a peep.  Remember though, first day of school, Dr visit, blood draw, NO nap and played outside.  Maybe the key is to wear her out everyday!

And just because she is so darn cute....

She has been such a big help to us, Thank you sweetie!  (That will make her blush!)

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Courtney said...

Sandy, we had such a great time following your trip! Your girls are so precious! Congratulations.

We leave in 9 days!! YAHOO!

Reena said...

Hi Sandy,

I am just getting caught up with a few things at home (the least of which is not sleep!) and had a chance to look back through your blog. I really missed being able to keep up with folks while we were all in China!

All three girls look wonderful! Sierra looks like she is starting to ease into the American life. Funny, yesterday marked an easier day for our family as well. Not that there aren't still a few moment (maybe more than a few) of hecticness, but things are feeling like they are falling into place.


BrOwN CiRcUs said...

Hi Sandy...their outfits are so cute! Glad your blood draw went so well...we are also on the poop patrol here and we are using a nebulizer 3 times a day. It seems our little Faith brought home a serious lung infection. I think we are a few weeks off a a good night time routine. It's been a week!

Cheri said...

All 3 girls are just lovely. I'm glad you had a great journey to China. Thanks for sharing.

groovy mama said...

okay like the new wallpaper, but this stalker wants NEW PICS.....

Hugs to you girls!


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