Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One More Day

Samie trying out the exercise equipment
Being Silly at Dinner!

Today we walked to a nearby play and exercise area. They have equipment there that the adults can be seen using every morning. It really is kind of cool! There is also some play equipment for kids. The girls had a blast. And of course what day is complete without a little shopping??

In the afternoon we met up with the other families and headed to the consulate. I really am at a loss to understand why this step is even necessary anymore. We went in and when our name was called we stepped up to the window and showed our passports. We then signed a form we had previously filled out and sat back down. When all the families had done this we were all, the parents, told to stand and raise our right hand. We then repeated some words that basically sated that the info we provided during this adoption process was true and accurate to the best of our knowledge. How many times have we had to state that now?? And that was it! Now we wait until tomorrow to pick up Sierra's visa and the infamous brown envelope, the one that holds all the adoption and immigration documents that is sealed and can NOT be opened until we hit US immigration or our child is NOT admitted into the US. Then we can head HOME!!!

Tonight we went to dinner with a few families from Faith. We went to the Orient Express, which by the name you would think served Chinese food. Not! It serves authentic German food and it was wonderful! It is located in a train car and was so cute. For those of you about to travel I highly recommend it!

YIPPPEEEE!!! Less than 36 hrs and we will be heading to the first of four airports we will be going through! Excited?? YES!! Dreading it?? YES!! But we will be coming home.


and Baby Makes 11! said...

Boy do I remember dreading that trip!! It was just tooooooo long!! I think we figured out we traveled 39 hours before we got home. ;o(
I will be praying for your safe travels. Can't wait to see your pics from home!!!

Love ya,

groovy mama said...

Hoping you are Home....Thanks for letting be your BLOG MASTER!!!! Can't wait to see a new PIC of her at HOME!!!


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