Saturday, January 9, 2010

We are in Guangzhou!

The Swan Room will never be the same again

The girls in front of the Koi pond
Look at those pouting lips!
Their version of a hearing test

Measuring her scar

And we are loving it. Although the island is just a shell of it's former self it is still nice to be where things are familiar, diet coke is available and people understand English. There is so much construction going on that most stores appear closed but are actually open, just shrouded in green construction meshing. The Aisian Games are this summer and are in this city so they are sprucing everything up. The shop keepers are also not bargaining as they have before. There are so few families on the island that they can not afford to drop their prices much. But you can still find things that are very inexpensive.

Today was the dreaded medical exam. Sierra did not mind it until time for the shots and TB test. We had very good records of her vaccinations but she still required 5 vaccinations and the TB test. One vaccine, polio, was given in oral form. It was very traumatic, Tim had to hold her and it also took 2 other nurses along with the one who gave the shots. Don't know who was sweating more after that, Tim or Sierra.

After this is when Sierra had her first real melt down. Just crying, but usually when she is upset at us she will just shoot daggers at us with her eyes. Today we got the full blown, snot producing wailing. She still does not thrash around like some kids, VERY thankful for that! Monday we go back for the reading of the TB test, please keep Sierra in your prayers for a negative test.

Tomorrow we are going to the Safari Park. It sounds like a lot of fun and I think the girls will have a blast. We will get to see the Pandas and maybe even feed a tiger cub.

6 more sleeps and we are home!!



and Baby Makes 11! said...

Glad she is opening up more...even if is was a tantrum! lol We will be praying for her TB test to be negative. Glad you are in GZ. 6 more sleeps!!! Woohoo!

Sheri (from your Faith family)

Keith and Kelly said...

Glad you made it through the exam. Safari Park is amazing! A highlight for us. Will be praying for a negative TB test. :)Kelly (faith fam)

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