Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's Official!

Sierra at the CAB

Us with the Registrars at the CAB

Silly Syd with Daddy's C-pap mask on
Sierra fixing Samie's hair

Now it's Sydney's turn

Today we went back to the Civil Affairs Bureau to make the adoption official. This time around is very different than with Sydney. We were rushed from office to office and it did not seem to matter if you made a mistake on the paperwork, just cross through it and keep on going. We have felt very rushed this whole process. Unlike the wait to get LOA! With Sydney we all got together with our guide and filled out our paperwork. If you made a mistake, white out. On some documents you place your thumb print in ink over your signature. With Sydney's process it had to be perfect. Just the right amount of ink. Our guide even made us practice. With Sierra's paperwork, uh.. not so much. But it is finally official!!! And in this province the fees were much less than the average we were quoted. Another Yipee!!

After the official business we went to Walmart to get Sierra a coat that fit her. Samie was amazed at all the sites and had her camera out. After lunch we came back to the room to just relax. Yeah, like that's going to happen with 2 four year olds! But Tim did take them into the other room so I could get a nap. Sierra is very much a Daddy's girl so she did not mind. Tim has waited a long time to get one of those. Sydney gets jealous some times but as long as she has Mommy she doesn't mind too much.

There are some things we will definitely need to work on when we get home. Sierra is very strong willed and very loud and plays rough. She also has NO table manners. The orphanage sends a description of your child's schedule and their personality. We wonder who they were writing about when they wrote out Sierra's. They describe her as a very good girl, tell her no and she stops doing what she was....NOT. But they were accurate in saying she is very smart, she is picking up English very quickly. Samie is a little mother hen and is teaching her how to say things and what to do. An obsessive mother hen, but she has been a great help!

Hopefully tonight will be an early night, we are off to the Shoalin Monks tomorrow. Samie says she is NOT going to volunteer for any demonstrations.


sierrasmom said...

The girls look so cute together. Enjoy the ride!!!

Earl and Sharee said...

CONGRATS!!! Sierra is beautiful and what a knock-out smile! Love the name, it suites her well. Thank you for sharing your journey with us...great blog!

Sharee (Faith Family Friend)
mama to Sterling, adopted from Nanjing, China--Gotcha Day 11/23/09!

and Baby Makes 11! said...

Love the new pics!! I can't get over Sierra's beautiful long hair!! It's amazing!! Sorry about the trying times, but as you know, it will get better. ;o)

Sheri (from your Faith family)

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